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Permanent recruitment and freelance staffing

Permanent Recruitment

Freelance Hire

contract research organization CRO and freelance staffing services
contract research organization CRO and freelance staffing services

Hire freelance consultants and independent contractors to be embedded in your existing team. With our network of over 40+ countries, we'll have the right candidate for you - be it one or a team of freelancers, across multiple countries.

Whether you’re looking to scale up, backfill or expand your presence in a new country, we can help you do that while minimising risk and financial exposure.

At Freelance Clinical, we specialise in providing clinical research recruitment services and staffing solutions to life sciences companies in search of top talents to set up and run clinical trials around the world.

Our recruitment agency supports organisations with staffing for clinical trials at all phases to deliver tailored solutions to their individual needs. Some of the clients we service include:

  • Biopharma, biotech and medtech start-ups and scale-ups

  • Clinical and Contract Research Organisations (CROs)

  • Medical device companies

  • Hospital and clinic establishments

With nearly two decades of hands-on experience in clinical research, we're dedicated to the craft. Our hyper-specialisation means we work closely with you to pinpoint the ideal fit for your project requirements.

Our core values.




person in black long sleeve shirt holding persons hand
person in black long sleeve shirt holding persons hand

Reliability is the cornerstone of our recruitment agency. You can count on us to consistently deliver results that meet and exceed your expectations. From our prompt communication to our thorough candidate screening process, reliability guides every aspect of our work.


We operate with unwavering integrity and sincerity in every interaction. Count on us for straightforward communication, genuine feedback, and ethical practices that prioritise your trust above all else.

excellence and passion
excellence and passion

We are dedicated to surpassing expectations in every aspect of our service. From meticulously sourcing top-tier candidates to providing unparalleled support, we consistently strive for excellence to elevate your recruitment experience.

"Joseph was incredibly responsive and communicative, which I loved. He found really well-qualified candidates (including one in an unusual geography) in surprisingly little time. All have worked out great."

Don Chickering, CTO and Co-Founder

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